Thursday, 21 June 2012

Sweet almond oil is one of the most popular essential oils used in aromatherapy

The benefits of Almond Oil was discovered to have essential elements that are beneficial to our health, skin and of course on food, containing rich amount of calcium, magnesium and Vitamin E. Almond oil was used in the Mediterranean period an ancient history remedy for different ailments, that was later passed around the world for its miraculous natural properties it carries.

Certified Organic Sweet Almond Oil

Research's have identified that almond oils carries 49% oil of which 62% is monounsaturated olec acid (an Omega 6 fatty acid) that essential to our body and a 6% palmitic acid another essential fatty acid. It also contains 26% carbohydrates which explains why many use it in their cooking. It is clear that Almond Oil has many cosmetic benefits. Almond Oil is good to repair not just skin, but also hair and overall health.

Cold Pressed almond oil
With the general public still on the search for that natural beauty care to help with many skin problems, here is one product that you might want to look into. As there is also a raving review on the powerful care of Almond Oil does to the skin. New Zealand known for it's pure evergreen land has produced some of the finest and 100% pure certified Almond Oil range you can use for varies reasons. Like this Cold Press Almond Oil that is specifically designed to suit the treatment of cold, especially during winter.

Almond Oil is beneficial for nourishing the brain and nervous system, enhance intellectuality and endurance, application of just almond oil also help the relief of strained muscle and many more.

As for cosmetic purpose Almond Oil is said to help improve dryness and itchy skins, cure chapped lips and body rashes, whilst making overall skin (or areas that are dry or need rejuvenation) smooth and soft, sooth skin inflammation and irritation, improves complexions, darks circles and of course delay the ageing process. This explains why almond oil most popular essential oils used in aromatherapy. 

Get Your Almond Oil if nothing has worked for you. Whether you want to improve in your overall internal health or you skin problems.

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