Monday, 6 January 2014

Family owned Happy Valley

Happy Valley was established in 1975 by the late Ben Rawnsley and his wife Dot. It started off as a hobby but quickly grew into a shop based on their farm in South Auckland. It has remained a family owned and operated business ever since. 

Due to the change in shareholding in 2011 Happy Valley is now run by two families; the Lipscombe’s and the Harvey’s. The Lipscombe family focus on Bee Keeping, bringing 5 generations of Bee Keeping expertise to the business. The Harvey family run Happy Valley, being in charge of marketing and sales to assist business growth.

If you’re interested in their overall company values and production of their delicious and beneficial honey products, you can view this video below.

One of the very special things about Happy Valley - The production of Fresh Royal Jelly began in 1990 in Happy Valley, and to this day they remain as the only commercial producers of New Zealand Royal Jelly. :-) 

Happy Valley is UMF certified!

Bee Pollens are rich in Vitamins and Minerals

Happy Valley is very proud of their New Zealand Royal Jelly!

Unique skin cream by Happy Valley formulated with antibacterial properties of Active Manuka honey and Propolis to fight a range of skin infections and ailments.                                            

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