Monday, 30 July 2012

100% Natural Kanuka Balm

Kanuka like Manuka is an endemic to New Zealand, grown and harvested around the remote beautiful island of New Zealand. Kanuka also carries a unique property that is of benefit to our skin ailments. Better yet this product is now at the amazing 50% OFF retail price. If you want result for you skin then this is a product to try, sometimes staying natural is the safest decision you can make to ensure the problem does not escalate. Get Kanuka Online!! 

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Are jewellery the only thing that are girls best friends

It has been said that jewellery are a girls best friends? but they are so pricey and expensive that it has now become more on a window watch and no touch. But with this Pacific Passion and Pacific Grace Necklace will sure make any girl Happy. Big necklace is the trend today, and this fits well with her collections plus will make her stand out because it's unique and different.

This beautiful Pacific Grace Necklace is now on Shop New Zealand's weekly Deal. I know crazy, right. But the craziest of all is that it's 50% OFF retail price. Gracefully affordable !! If you are looking for unique, different, vintage fashionable jewellery accessories then this is a must have. You can find out more information by clicking on the Link. Plus this will make spending your $$$ worthwhile. So get On-Line today and see it for yourself, because this is featured on their Weekly Deals meaning it's only up for grabs for now less than 7days. Don't miss out, because you don't want to hear 'out of stock' or made to order if you don't get to be the first on-line. :)

Men do care about their appearance they just don't talk about it as much as women

I don't know who ever said that men didn't care about their appearance, because of what I've seen, read and know of my countless encounter with men's they obviously do, they just don't verbalize it as much as women.

Here are some amazing SKINCARE PRODUCTS for men specially designed to suit men skin types, giving them that soft smooth feel.

This Rugby Skincare Range is makes an ideal gift for men.

The beautiful sensational Tebe Gift Set for Him 

Everything is pure and natural with Linden Leaves just for Him 

Give him the benefit he needs with Renowned Body wash + Manuka Honey

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

New Zealand an ethnic multi-culture

Maori are New Zealand's native indigenous culture. They were the first to discover New Zealand. After the arrival of the European other culture especially from around the pacific started immigrating making New Zealand to what it is today, an ethnic multicultural community. With the acknowledgement of our first people the Maori. However every culture and it's traditions are celebrated and free of practice here in New Zealand, outlined why New Zealand is voted the most peaceful place and friendly of course. Check out the colourful unique culture surrounding the beautiful Island and mimics the beautiful nature surrounding it.

There are so many culture filled the remote Island of New Zealand, it's culture, tradition, and it's people makes New Zealand the most beautiful colourful place to be. Don't forget friendly!! lol That is just my opinion of this beautiful place I have lived on for over 10 years. 

New Zealand voted among the BEST Olympic uniform

New Zealand a land so far away and remotely isolated in the middle of the Pacific can sure capture the attention of the world with it's unique style of the 2012 Olympics. Although we don't have a huge team of contestant competing for all the Golds, as a consequences of having only 4.37 million people, at least New Zealand is getting of a good start with being voted amongst the BEST Olympic Uniform and Australia (our old time rivalry) the worse. It is definitely something to be very proud of.

Here is a picture, and I can say that this picture speaks for its self. Black does suit us best :) Go New Zealand.Go the Might All Blacks :) The bottom picture is of Australia you can do your own comparison and have your opinion on whether you do or do not agree...

Beautiful New Zealand site attraction

Bay of Plenty is one of New Zealand most visit place because of its scenery and the nature it unfolds. Centre in the Middle of the Pacific New Zealand is voted the most peaceful relaxing place to be for anyone who is seeking peace in their life or to relax from a busy hectic life. There are more to what you can do in this small unknown to million Island. At the same time be captivated by the true beauty of our nature and it's creation.

Someone said that this dolphins and whales favourite spot, hence making this scenic area beautiful and relaxing. 

 I do not know where this exactly but the place is in New Zealand. New Zealand offers a variety of destination to suit whatever mood you are in. There are so many extraordinary destination you can explore here in New Zealand, I believe you would need more than two weeks to ensure you get the whole feel of what New Zealand is and the ideal image of it's Evergreen Land. 

Tuesday, 24 July 2012


We all don't know what tomorrow holds for us, we don't know what today is going to bring us or what task we will accomplish and whether what we do today will inspire us for the next day. All we know is every minute we breath we are doing something whether it's productive or unproductive. All that being said we might have a bad day today, but we don't know whether tomorrow is going to be great, the only way to know is we just got to get there. So when you are feeling down isolated alone here are some inspired quote I found to cheer me, and hope it will do the same for you (this is just some). Hope and Faith is what we all need to survive a good and a bad day :) Stay blessed

If you want something you've never had, then you've got to do something you've never done.Remind yourself that it's okay not to be perfect.


Check out the list of amazing products on special today at Shop New Zealand. Some you definitely need in your cabinet if it's winter at where you are or experience other health ailments. The range of goodies that are on special are mind blowing because of it's quality and the benefit it offers. I'm not sure when this offer expire but it is definitely active today, so why not visit it now and see it for yourself. This is just some of the products I like but to find more you have to visit :)

Viralex Flu & Cold Relief 50% OFF

The cold and flu are predictable sometimes you get it when you least expect it, but commonly occurs in Winter. They are a nuisance and mood killer. But this Viralex Flu and Cold Relief Liquid health product design by New Zealand's leading and worldwide known manufacture of Health product, to help strengthen our immune system to fight against magnesium that causes the eruption of winter ailments. Get it today at the best prices!! 

Pom Pom Hat -Monsters In Mittens 50% OFF 

Style your baby with fashion, with this fashionable warm pom pom hat by New Zealand's well known baby cloth maker Monster In Mittens. Known for it's unique hand knitted baby design clothes and accessories whilst use New Zealand's finest and 100% Merino wool. Merino Wool is said to be perfect on baby's delicate skin, it will  provide warmth for your child during winter, cool in summer and of course breathes easily through their sensitive skin. 

Orb Candle Range 50% OFF (NOW USD 6.20)

Light the mood up with this beautiful fragment designed candles that is perfect for any decor. Vary in sizes with it's own time burning time and comes in three sets for one price. WOW isn't that amazing. Wait there is more you, if the colour doesn't suit you can select from 11 colours they have in store. The only way to know whether the other colours suit you best is to visit the store by clicking on the link provided. 


Monday, 23 July 2012


New Zealand 100% renowned owned beauty and skincare products KIRI is BACK AND CHEAPER!! I guess with the market today being so advance and competitive, it is understandable that the price has changed but any who that is not the main concern here. The good news is this product is available on-line and affordable. 

Kiri in the native Maori language means 'skin'. Which instantly sets of the vision and mission of the product intends to do for customers, that is to to help heal or cure the skin problems experiences. With hectic schedule many of us are in today, we all need that easy on the go product that will do all the work ones, that is to smooth, clear black spots, most importantly to leave the skin feeling soft and young. Hence, Kiri range was said by many as the most effective beauty care to work magic on many skin irrants and at the same time protect our skins from chemicals we unknowingly exposed our skins too. 

Kiri range is formulated with New Zealand quality ingredients that is highly used by many other beauty company and of course the famous Manuka Honey, to ensure that customer are getting value/ the benefit they need with their money. 

Get the result you need to today with Kiri. 

Sunday, 22 July 2012

A Must See Unique Sterling Silver Design!!

Let's not keep love waiting with this cute funny cupid silver necklace!! 
Let's keep love fun and entertained with this unique look of Cupid by New Zealand premium Jewellery designer. It is not your ideal cupid feel, as this Tikitoon comes with a twist that is fun, fabulous and different. Tiki in the Maori Culture means luck. 

Here we have another unique design ring specially designed for men. It is definitely something men are sure to like because it is not plain whilst a little feminie, but this adds a bit of masculinity feel to it. Tiki in the Maori culture was originally carved as human form representing the ancestors warrior men that fought for their people. 

Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Olive oil has a naturally lower oxidation rate than your skin’s natural oils, it is a perfect supplement to help keep these oxidation problems at bay while forming an effective barrier, helping to protect your skin from irritants.

So check out this great Olive oil gift ideas for your family and friends overseas or maybe for yourself. 

Summer Skin Care Survival Gift Pack

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The Finest New Zealand Dark Spice Liqueur

'It's All in the Fruit' 

Introducing Distillerie Deinlein's beautifully unique range of Liqueurs produced from New Zealand's unique fruits. But their dedication passion and years of experience has made the creation of these unique Liqueur delicious and tasteful and mouthwatering.

Get a taste of New Zealand's new Dark Spice Liqueur formulate with New Zealand natural source to give that grate soothing and delicious taste in your mouth. This is great to have around a BBQ party or a get together with family and friends. 

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Smoker's Toothpaste to protect your gum and teeth twice as strong as normal toothpaste

According to the World Health Organization there is about 2.2billion around the world who smoke. It is an addictive epidemic that many have been warned of it's negativeness and bombarded with images on cigarette package of the damage it can do to health, especially to gum and teeth. 

Many smoker's know that normal toothpaste are not build to the type of chemical and bacterial mouth are exposed to. But here is a 'SMOKERS TOOTHPASTE' specially designed to leave your mouth feeling fresh and to fight plaque and control tartar twice as strong. 

At least then it will leave you consciously feeling good about your teeth when smoking. 

Monday, 9 July 2012

Best Winter Socks Gloves and Hats in the world

New Zealand is world wide known for it's unique culture, All Black rugby team and of course the beautiful scenery surrounding it's land. However the world is yet to know the finest quality product New Zealand has produced for the winter season. Most proudly to say is the range of Merino sock, gloves hat that some of New Zealand premium manufacture have produced.

Like this fine Merinorink colour range using New Zealand's oldest and finest 100% merino wool and the luxurious possum fibre to quickly warm your feet whilst providing you with comfort. 

The List Goes with so many quality Merino wool and possum fur products all accessible on-line today. Get warm with New Zealand quality accessories that will warm you up within an instant.