Sunday, 8 July 2012

The beauty secret you need to need know

Recent debate on beauty products brought my attention to writing this post, about which type of beauty product advise do you trust 'open use by day' or the 'fixed expired date written on the product'. The open use by day rings new bell to my ear because I was taught to always look for the expired date but with company now using the open use by day say as their expired date advise brought my attention to why and is it safe in comparison with expired date written on the lid.

Open use by day means the day you open the product is the start date to 24months when the product will be expired and hopeless. Hence you have 24 months to make sure you used the product as directed before the benefit's is lifeless. But what if the product was packed on 2006 and you just opened it on 2011 plus the 24months you have to use before it's benefit is gone, does that say that the product with the say open use by day is still good for over 7years? Scary but that's been the argument for many beauty corporate company today.

I'm sure as you read this you will instantly ignore and stick to the old ways that is followed the expired date is says on the lid. It's understandable as it has been the norm since I could remember, food, beauty, health supplement etc all this had written expired date on it, and I'm sure millions like myself all comply to it.

What are your thoughts do you think 'open use by day' is safe to follow or 'expired date written on package'. 

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