Thursday, 5 July 2012

Beautiful Maori Wood Carving (NZ BEST SOUVENIRS)

Maori wood carving simply signifies the History of New Zealand especially it's native people the Maori. It's wood carving are the best master piece that mimics the life story of Maori ancestors who discovered the evergreen land that is now know as New Zealand.

Early Maori wood carving show stylistic affinities from western Polynesians where the Maori ancestors originated from.The style of Maori art is influence by Maori legends and their superstition belief in supernatural power of how the world was formed.

Most Maori carving has elements of human body, spiral pattern and protruding tongue that are essential to Maori arts, as it is a representation of their culture, their ancestors, mythology and legends. The spiral pattern is a representation of the unfurling frond of the fern plant (in Maori art referred as the Koru) and a prominent patter in Maori culture such as traditional tattooing. This is an essential element as it signifies the cycle of (human) life from birth (womb) till death. Human figure is simply a representative of ancestors particularly prominent chiefs and warriors. But the most recognized of all is the protruding tongue that has won internationally attention due to the All Black's famous Haka. Understandably because it is a symbol or a sign of defiance strength and determination. 

"In New Zealand, the protrusion of the tongue was a sign of defiance and in war dances and posture dances, the performers vied with each other in protruding the tongue as far as possible."
Together make Maori Arts an ideal gift for friends and families overseas.

Here are some of the Maori Art Designs you will find on our store today. Carved by New Zealand premium carvers because of their knowledge of the culture, the meaning, and the stories behind the work.

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