Monday, 23 July 2012


New Zealand 100% renowned owned beauty and skincare products KIRI is BACK AND CHEAPER!! I guess with the market today being so advance and competitive, it is understandable that the price has changed but any who that is not the main concern here. The good news is this product is available on-line and affordable. 

Kiri in the native Maori language means 'skin'. Which instantly sets of the vision and mission of the product intends to do for customers, that is to to help heal or cure the skin problems experiences. With hectic schedule many of us are in today, we all need that easy on the go product that will do all the work ones, that is to smooth, clear black spots, most importantly to leave the skin feeling soft and young. Hence, Kiri range was said by many as the most effective beauty care to work magic on many skin irrants and at the same time protect our skins from chemicals we unknowingly exposed our skins too. 

Kiri range is formulated with New Zealand quality ingredients that is highly used by many other beauty company and of course the famous Manuka Honey, to ensure that customer are getting value/ the benefit they need with their money. 

Get the result you need to today with Kiri. 

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