Monday, 2 July 2012

Fish Hook, Hei Matau (Maori Bone/ Greenstone Pendant) All Here

When you think Maori you think New Zealand than follows the men in Black who have internationally, show cased the native identity of their land through the HAKA.  The HAKA linkage the men to where they are from and to the History of New Zealand, as Maori being people of the land. This culture recognition is an essential aspect of New Zealand, which is why Maori symbols or craftwork is often tourist favourite souvenir to take to their friends and families overseas. This artwork of the Maori culture is more meaningful because of the spiritual meaning it carries. 

Most of these greenstone and bone carving are traditionally carved by New Zealand’s premium carver as seen in the details of provided pictures , each carrying spiritually meaning about life, culture, relationship, and more. Green stone or jade is often referred to by Maori as Pounamu. 

The pictures below shows you the different type of KORU DESIGNS of greenstone and bone carving. Koru design is inspired by New Zealand fern frond unfolding as it grows. It represents peace, personal growth, awakening and tranquility. Koru pendant makes an ideal gift for new born, new mothers, newly wed or anyone who is starting a new path in life, as it also signified new life and harmony. 



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