Thursday, 13 March 2014

Hand Cream Review: Royal Skin, Maraca, Trilogy

We're all very concerned about our face and body but our hands are quite often neglected. 
Our hands do all the work and I think they deserve some serious everyday pamperin'!
Especially if you're someone like me (with dry skin), a hand cream is a must-have because nothing feels more uncomfortable than having dry hands! 

If you're with me, then read on, 
I will give you my thoughts on the four different hand-creams I've tried. ♥♥

Rich Nourishing Hand Cream – Royal Skin – 75ml

Bloom Hand Cream – Maraca, 100 ml

Ultra Hydrating Hand Cream – Trilogy – 70ml

Rose Hand Cream - Trilogy - 100ml

Made in New Zealand! :-)

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I think the best thing about Royal Skin's Rich Nourishing Hand Cream is the scent. It is very fruity & candy-like and you'll just want to reapply and smell your hands all day. 
It can feel just a little bit oily when fully applied but nothing extreme.

Also, what's more amazing about it, is the fact it contains Active 15+ Manuka Honey and New Zealand Royal Jelly!

It comes in 75ml but the bottle doesn't seem that big so you can carry this in your bag/purse.

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Maraca's Bloom (probably 'cause it smells flowery) Hand Cream was very lotion-like (Even the bottle makes it feel like a moisturiser) and very watery. 
It was less oily than Royal Skin's and very quickly absorbed. - very ideal for everyday use because you really don't want to wait for your hand cream to be absorbed and be able to do nothing while you do!

As you can see in the photo the bottle is quite hard unlike traditional hand creams, so you might want to leave this one at home. - On your study desk or maybe just beside your other makeup products.

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Designed to deliver ultra-hydration with a sophisticated vanilla fragrance, Trilogy's Ultra Hydrating Hand Cream (please ignore the photo; it says Body Cream) was the thickest out of the four I've tried. (probably because this is made for dry skin)

This also contains Manuka honey like Royal Skin's and also contains Aloe Vera, Rosehip Oil, White tea extract, etc.

It did feel a little sticky after it was fully applied, but I loved how it was quickly absorbed and was close to not being greasy at all.

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Full of essential nutrients from jojoba, evening primrose and certified organic rosehip oils, Trilogy's Rose Hand Cream is designed to repaid and help reduce signs of ageing. - Now that sounds pretty awesome for a handcream!

Again, like the Ultra Hydrating Hand Cream this also felt just a tiny little bit sticky after it was fully applied but was non greasy.

Here are some photos I took of my hands 
with the four hand-creams on.

- for a visual comparison. :)

All four products are made in New Zealand and they are all available at Shop New Zealand to purchase. - Just click on the individual images and they will take you to the website!

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